3 Proven Tips for Essay writing

What’s the Outline for a Solid Essay

The primary aim of an essay is to showcase your understanding and appreciation for the writer. It also tries to explain how you’ve come to understand the topic that you’re writing about. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex essay. Most students struggle with their essays because they think they understand the concepts clearly. Sometimes, it could be challenging to focus on one concept and cover everything else. However, you can always learn how to structure your essay to deliver a winning piece.

There are different ways essay writing can be structured. As a student, you may choose to know each type of essay writing structure. But, there’s a common format for almost all these types of essays. Once you understand your assignment’s requirements, you will proceed to create your piece according to your needs. Here are three basic ways essays are structured.


This is the beginning part of your essay. A good introduction paragraph should be one that states your topic and provides brief background information. Secondly, you’ll state your thesis statement. Lastly, you’ll give a brief background of the subject to cover within the next few paragraphs. It would help if you always gave a https://stri.si.edu/academic-programs/programs-and-field-courses/mcgill-stri-program clear context and explanation for each part.


This is the most extensive section of your essay. It carries all the weight and provides detailed information regarding the topic. Therefore, it’s recommended that each paragraph should contain its own main idea. The first part http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= of the body is the introduction. The paragraphs should have a topic sentence, while the second part should present your argument. The body paragraphs should be connected to the thesis statement by a transitional sentence. Transitions connect sentences to create a connection between the paragraphs.


This is https://honestessay.com the final section of your paper. A conclusion is meant for providing a summary of all your points. Therefore, it should be brief and informative. You’ll restate your thesis statement and provide a call to action. The conclusion is both potent and conclusive as it highlights the main ideas covered in the text. You should avoid introducing new ideas in the conclusion paragraph.


When creating an essay, you can borrow and expand ideas from other sources. However, ensure you follow the recommended writing norms by citation and formatting. The references section is crucial as it contains the works of individuals who have contributed to the current body of knowledge. The proper citation and referencing style is often guided by your tutor’s guidelines.


This section is located in the conclusion paragraph. Here, you’ll share your thoughts and findings about the topic. Depending on the nature of your essay, this section can go up to five paragraphs.

Sometimes, you might have to include references in this section. However, the easiest way to avoid plagiarism is by including them in your outline. Following the outline will help you be sure that you are on the right track when writing.